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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Ever since Coronavirus has been started since December 2019, it is America which is suffering the most. The US and World Health Organization (WHO) controversy are not new to the world right now. US President Donald Trump has already held the WHO responsible for the worsening conditions of America and the world.

WHO Managing Director Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus. has been a controversial figure in the wake of the epidemic. Some of the world leaders and especially with President Donald Trump claims that Dr. Tedros has soft corner toward China.

The foundation of the WHO is that it should work impartially. But Dr. Tedros always advocated China, saying "China is transparently giving information to the WHO. Trump said that the disease is spread through contact. The WHO delayed the world a lot, and relied on China's information." Gave his report which later proved to be wrong.

In early January, Taiwan authorities communicated information to the World Health Organization indicating human-to-human transmission of a new virus. Yet the World Health Organization chose not to share this important information with the rest of the world, perhaps for political reasons.

China vs the USA

The President of the United States is telling China's conspiracy behind the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. Actually, his election plan may also be behind this. The common American considers China as his competitive country and President Trump's attempt is to hold China responsible and instigate 'nationalism' in the election. That is why he has also demanded damages from China. That is, President Trump wants to turn the anger behind the Coronavirus towards China and is trying to build his image in such a way that he is not in a mood to spare America's enemies.

The unemployment rate in America is the highest level since the Great Depression.

In the US, the unemployment rate in April has reached 14.7 percent. This is the highest level of unemployment rate in America after the Great Depression. 2.05 crore people became unemployed in the US during the month. This is the new record of job loss in a month. This shows how badly the Coronavirus has damaged America's economy.

With this, Obama appealed to his supporters to support former Vice President Joe Biden in the presidential election, which is likely to field against Trump in the November 3, election.

Donald Trump said, "America is ending its relationship with WHO."

Stating that WHO funding would now be diverted to other global public health organizations, Trump announced a number of decisions against China, including denial of entry to some Chinese citizens and regulations against Chinese investment in the US Hardening are included.

Hong Kong controversy.

Trump also announced that the US would end Hong Kong's special treatment in response to China's new controls. He said the US would revise its travel advisory to warn of surveillance in Hong Kong.

Trump announced that the US was ending all its relations with the WHO, with China's growing Interfering in the international organization and being fair to WHO officials. Let me tell you that the US has already withheld WHO funding.

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